Here you can upload a mesh in the PLY (ascii) format to an online version of the BSCOR software package. Please note that only meshes with fewer than 100 vertices will be processes here. In addition to your mesh, please supply a decimal value scaling factor to control the size of final structure.

The process should normally only take a few minutes but may take hours to complete for large meshes or if the server load is high. When the process is complete, an email will be sent to the specified email address with the processed mesh in the RPOLY format attached (emails may end up junk folder). This file can be imported to vHelix for staple design and further processing. Also attached is a log file of the routing process, this is essentially the text output from the BSCOR package.

If the BSCOR package can’t successfully process a mesh file, a log file containing the output from the BSCOR package will be sent to the specified email address. This may be caused by problems with the mesh or a scaling value that is too small for the mesh. If so, please resend the mesh with a larger scaling value.


If you encounter any problem with the BSCOR server, please send an email to